Magic: The *Family* Gathering

I tried to do a play of words there (heh), but I’m not a funny person.

Moving on…

What is Magic?



Magic is a San Francisco based startup focused on getting people what they want. You need some flowers delivered to your wife? ON IT. Need some food delivered at 2 in the morning? SURE THING. Wanna cancel a subscription to that expensive service, but it takes time and patience to do so? WE GOT YOU, FAM. Sound simple? Join us at

Behind it all is a tight family of Magicians working on your requests. Everyday, I get to work with amazing people with different skills and hobbies. Really does feel like you have a family here.

Magic is home to around a hundred employees, mostly fresh-grads and people who are young at heart. With the Philippine Headquarters based in the lovely city of Bonifacio Global City, it is one of the most exciting jobs a fresh-grad can apply to.

“What’s going to happen when I join?” WELL THEN, I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! You can come in to work wearing flip flops, shorts, an ugly Christmas sweater, you name it! No dress code is love. I REPEAT, NO DRESS CODE. You get to learn how things work, like how to rent a private jet for a day, how to find the right services for a customized project, how to… well, make people happy. That sense of fulfillment really gets you going.

No scripts. No robotic calls. No BS.

Magic. Home of the people who like video games, cosplaying, arts and crafts, music, Magic: The Gathering, and everything in between.

Interested in joining the fam? Whether you’re interested in working in San Francisco or Manila, shoot me a CV, and I’d be happy to help you out.

Send them over to

Much love,


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